Become a Supporting Member of The Galano Club

Membership in this club requires an affiliation with a 12 Step fellowship, not less than thirty (30) days of consecutive recovery and payment of dues.

Membership shall in no way be affected by race, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Members who are in good standing shall be eligible to vote in the conduct of the club’s affairs,  get clubhouse WiFi access, a key card for building access and free admission to all Galano social events.

Contributions in meetings help keep the lights on but it’s supporting members like you that ensure we’re here for the next generation.

Membership dues play a vital part in continuing to keep the recovery doors open to more than 55 meetings per week. Meeting attendance alone does not constitute membership in The Galano Club!

By joining, you give to others what has been so freely given to you. Without members, our organization could not support this clubhouse, which is one of the very few clubhouses in the U.S. designed primarily to serve the LGBTQ community.