Donations to Groups (In Beta testing)

May 15, 2018 – Galano is testing a way to take non cash donations for groups that meet at Galano. Here is the proposed process for a group attendee:

  1. To work, an attendee must use a smart phone that has internet access.
  2. A group attendee texts the word “see group chart below” to 844-544-7171 (case not important).
  3. A link is sent back instantly to the phone with a web address.
  4. Attendee clicks on link that takes to a webpage designed specifically for the group.
  5. Attendee clicks an amount or enters in the amount
  6. Attendee choses either Monthly or One time
  7. Click Continue (If Donate appears you have set up Google or Apple Pay on your device and it will not give you Anonymous option.
  8. Put in payment information – Credit card or check
  9. Checks the Anonymous box, if desired
  10. Completes and gets confirmation of transaction

Please send any comments, issues or questions to [email protected].

Text code below to 844-544-7171 (case not important) or click link

By Clicking or texting, you stipulate that you are a member of this group


Group Text code or click link below
01 – BBC 01BBC Donate to the BBC Group
02 – Core CODA Corecoda Donate to the Core Coda Group
03 – Emotions Anonymous Emotions Donate to the Emotions Anonymous Group
04 – Food Addicts in Recovery FoodAIR  Donate to the Food Addicts in Recovery Group
08 – Growing Up Alanon Growingup Donate to the Growing Up Alanon Group
09 – Icebreakers CMA Icebreakers Donate to the Icebreakers Group
10 – Lambda Group NA Lambda Donate to the Lambda Group
11 – Noon Group Alanon NoonAFG Donate to the Noon AFG
12 – Positively No Speeding Posns Donate to the Positively No Speeding Group
13 – Recovering Relationships RecRel Donate to the Recovering Relationships Group
14 – Recovery in the Lifestyle Lifestyle Donate to the Recovery in the Lifestyle Group
15 – Midtown SCA MidtownSCAA Donate to the Midtown SCA Group
16 – Serenity Serenity Donate to the Serenity Group
17 – Ten PM Group TenPM Donate to the 10-pm Group
18 – We Agnostics WeAgn Donate to the We Agnostics Group
19 – Young & The Restless Young Donate to the Young & Restless Group
21 – Chronic Illness & Pain Chronic Donate to the Chronic Illness & Pain Group
25 – Survivors of Incest Survive Donate to the Survivors of Incest Group
28 – Self Sabatagers Anonymous 28SSA Donate to the Self Sabatagers Anonymous Group
Galano Galano  Donate to The Galano Club