The Galano Club, Inc. supports the Greater Atlanta LGBTQ+ and friends' recovery community by providing a safe and welcoming meeting place for 12-Step fellowships.

House Rules


In Case of Emergency, CALL 911

Galano Hours:

The open and close times for both the building & parking lot are as follows:

  • Galano Members = 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM Daily
  • Meeting goers - Nonmembers = 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after a scheduled meeting
  • Guests = A member can have a guest in the club house during member hours

Everyone who enters the Club shall abide by the following:

  1. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted in or on the Club property at any time.
  2. Galano is a smoke-free environment. Tobacco or any tobacco-like products, including vaping, chewing tobacco or any electronic smoking device are permitted in the designated smoking area only.
  3. No weapons are permitted in the building.
  4. No fighting anywhere on the property.
  5. Sleeping in the clubhouse at any time, or spending the night on the premises, is prohibited.
  6. No animals are allowed in the building, except for ADA defined service dogs that are harnessed, leashed, or tethered at all times. Emotional support animals are not allowed.
  7. No gambling is permitted on the premises.
  8. The use of the Club's facilities between scheduled meetings is restricted to active Club members and their guests, unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  9. The lobby is intended to be used as an area for fellowship before and after scheduled meetings. Please be respectful of meetings in progress with respect to noise and hours of operation.
  10. Solicitation, including promotional brochures or posters, are permitted only on designated bulletin boards or strips. No posting of any kind on walls or doors.
  11. For the safety of all, no open flame candles or space heaters are allowed at any time.
  12. Fire exits cannot to be blocked at any time.
  13. No non-Galano Event or Piedmont Park parking. The Club parking lot is for those attending meetings only. This pertains to Club members as well. Enforced 24/7. Violators are subject to towing.
  14. Park at your own risk and please obey all posted parking guidelines.

Group Rules:

  1. By using the Club facilities, each Group is deemed to have agreed to and accepted the current Group Licensing Agreement.
  2. All coffee makers must have an auto-shutoff feature.
  3. Each meeting Chairperson shall ensure that the following procedures are adhered to:
    1. Posted Fire Safety Plans and Room Occupancy Limits, including relocation decisions.
    2. Coffee stations must be left clean and turned off at end of meeting.
    3. Return all furniture to its original position at end of meeting.
    4. Turn off lights and fans after each meeting.
    5. Deposit basket collection in the Galano safe, ensuring that Group Name is clearly marked.
    6. Report maintenance issues to


Become a Galano Supporting member*


with automatic yearly renewal


with automatic yearly renewal

*Memberships are reoccurring until cancelled by the member.

Why become a Galano Supporting Member?

Play a vital part in continuing to keep the recovery doors open to more than 55 meetings per week!

Members who are in good standing shall be eligible to vote in the conduct of the club’s affairs, get clubhouse WiFi access, a key card for building access and free admission to all Galano social events.

By joining, you give to others what has been so freely given to you. Without members, our organization could not support this clubhouse, which is one of the very few clubhouses in the U.S. designed primarily to serve the LGBTQ community.  Join Today!