The Galano Club, Inc. supports the Greater Atlanta LGBTQ+ and friends' recovery community by providing a safe and welcoming meeting place for 12-Step fellowships.

Virtual 12-Step Recovery Meetings Online

Some 12-Step meetings that call Galano home are still meeting virtually. Find your meeting on the calendar below and click on the link to take you to directly to the virtual meeting.

Virtual Meeting Links as of 7/7/2023
Bell, Book & Candle
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7:00 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM
12 Noon
Midtown SCA
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7:00 PM (H)5:30 PM (H)
Wednesday SCA
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7:30 PM (H)
We Agnostics7:30 PM7:30 PM
OA Newcomers Encounter
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Every 4th Saturday 10:30 AM


  • AFG = Al-Anon Family Group
  • B = Beginner
  • CD = Closed Discussion
  • CODA = Codependents Anonymous
  • CMA = Crystal Meth Anonymous
  • H = Hybrid (In-Person/Virtual)
  • L = Literature based meeting
  • NA = Narcotics Anonymous
  • OA = Overeaters Anonymous
  • OD = Open Discussion
  • Q = Qualifying Meeting
  • SCA = Sexual Compulsive Anonymous
  • SP = Speaker Meeting
  • W = Women's Meeting

Please note:

  • Above information provided by group representatives. If there's been a change, please email us your updates.
  • The Galano Club does not provide software support for Zoom or any other video conferencing software.
  • E-basket checks will be set to groups monthly as usual.



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