The Galano Club, Inc. supports the Greater Atlanta LGBTQ+ and friends' recovery community by providing a safe and welcoming meeting place for 12-Step fellowships.

Group License Agreement v3.0

Group License Agreement v3.0 – Revised and approved 10/18/18

This License Agreement (this “Agreement”), dated this 12th day of February, 2016, is by and between THE GALANO CLUB, INC., a Georgia not-for-profit corporation (“Galano”), and all groups that meet at the club (the “Group”).

  1. Galano hereby grants to the Groups a non-exclusive, revocable license (the “License”) to use designated portions of the Galano Clubhouse, located at 585 Dutch Valley Road, NE, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia (the “Clubhouse”).  The Clubhouse is operated by Galano for non-profit purposes, including providing the use of meeting rooms and related facilities to non-profit groups who have an affiliation with a nationally recognized 12 Step recovery program (“12 Step Programs”).  This License allows the Group to use portions of the Galano Clubhouse at certain dates and times as determined by Galano in its sole discretion (the “Room”). Galano has complete discretion in determining the schedule for the availability of the Room, and publishes from time to time a schedule of all meetings at the Clubhouse. Galano reserves the right to modify the Clubhouse schedule at any time. From time to time the Clubhouse is used for functions that will require the Group to meet in a different room in the Clubhouse, and the Group may be required to relocate from its usual Room on those days.  Galano will use its best efforts to contact the Group prior to any such activity.
  2. The Group is requested to make contributions to Galano to offset Galano’s costs of operating the Clubhouse, (currently equal to seventy-five percent (75%) of the contributions made by those attending each Group meeting). The Group shall request and collect voluntary contributions from Group meeting attendees at each meeting. Galano shall provide envelopes for use by the Group to deposit 100% of all monies collected at each meeting into the safe located outside Room 3 on the first floor of the Clubhouse. Each month in arrears Galano will count all of the Group’s cash contributions deposited into the safe, and deliver the Group balance via check to the treasurer of the Group.  Quarterly, the non-cash contributions will be tallied and group checks for 25% of the net contributions, donations less fees, will be mailed to the treasurer of the group.
    The Group shall maintain with the Galano Treasurer the Group Treasurer’s name, phone number and address. The Group shall not use the address of the Clubhouse for any mail. Should the Group Treasurer resign or be replaced for any reason, it is the responsibility of the Group’s Steering Committee to update the information with Galano. Galano shall have no liability whatsoever as to any Group contributions once deposited in the safe.  In the event the Group does not deposit contributions in the Galano safe for a continuous period of sixty (60) days, Galano may assume the Group has elected to terminate this License and no longer use the Room. Checks not cashed after 90 days are no longer valid and groups who do not have a treasurer or representative for monthly disbursements at the beginning of the new fiscal year, forfeit the monies collected on their behalf for the previous year.
  3. The Room is available for Group use thirty minutes before and thirty minutes after the scheduled meeting time for setup and fellowship. At the conclusion of each Group meeting, the Room is to be left clean with all chairs stacked around the walls. All lights are to be turned off and doors to the Room left open. The Group is allowed to have an announcement board affixed to the walls. The maximum allowable space is thirty-two square feet (four feet by eight feet).  All announcements must be placed on available bulletin boards and strips. No announcements are to be secured to any walls, doors, post, etc.  Changes or additions of these boards should be discussed at a Galano board meeting.
  4. The Group acknowledges that the Clubhouse is used by other groups for meetings, which meetings may be related to a different 12 Step Program from that of the Group. The Group will insure that its use of the Room and the conduct of its attendees will not interfere with any other users of the Clubhouse.
  5. The group acknowledges and will abide by the Galano Club hours of operation for both the building & parking lot which are:
    • Galano Members = 8:00 – 11:30 Daily
    • Nonmembers = 30 minutes prior to a meeting until 30 minutes after the end of the meeting
    • Guests = A member can have a guest in the club house during member hours
  6. There is no reserved parking at the Clubhouse, and the Group acknowledges that its attendees will likely be required to park offsite to attend the Group’s meetings.
  7. Galano is managed by a Board of Directors which meets monthly, and the Group is encouraged to have a group representative attend each meeting of the Galano Board. Each group representative is given the opportunity at the beginning of the Board meeting to bring any request before the Board.  This is also an opportunity for The Board of Directors to discuss news interesting to all groups using the Clubhouse. The Group warrants and represents to Galano that the individual executing this Agreement on behalf of the Group is duly authorized by the Group and its members.
  8. The Board of Directors of The Galano Club, Inc., may cancel this Agreement at any time for any reason in its sole discretion. The Group may cancel this Agreement at any time. The Group acknowledges that should the Group disband, no longer have an affiliation with a 12 Step Program, or demonstrate behavior not in accordance with the Bylaws of The Galano Club, Inc., this Agreement shall immediately terminate.
  9. The Group hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless Galano against all claims for damages to persons or property arising out of the use or occupancy of the Clubhouse and the Room. Galano shall have no liability or responsibility whatsoever to the Group or its attendees with respect to the condition or usability of the Clubhouse, including, without limitation, interruption of utilities, unavailability of the Clubhouse, or the fitness of the Clubhouse for any particular purpose.  Galano provides meeting space for groups having an affiliation with12 Step Programs, and the Clubhouse is made available on a not-for-profit basis solely as a charitable service. This Agreement creates a completely revocable license for the benefit of the Group only. No landlord-tenant relationship is created hereby, whether express or implied. The Group hereby waives any and all claims whatsoever it has or may have against Galano, its Board members, officers, agents, members or representatives. Parking for all functions is on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of any emergency or threatening condition at the Clubhouse, the Group shall first call “911” and then a Galano Board member.
  10. Galano reserves the right to refuse use of the Clubhouse any group or individual.  Galano is not responsible for opinions expressed by a group or individual.


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