The Galano Club, Inc. supports the Greater Atlanta LGBTQ+ and friends' recovery community by providing a safe and welcoming meeting place for 12-Step fellowships.

Start A Meeting at The Galano Club

A group representative must attend a Galano Board meeting, held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM, to make the request. It is helpful that you will have a pre-determined time and room in mind that is not in conflict with the current meeting schedule


Each group that hold meetings at Galano is bound by the Group License Agreement and agrees to uphold the Galano House Rules.

No meetings may occur until a request has been approved

Please print and fill out the meeting request form in advance of the board meeting.


Each Group that holds regular meetings at Galano, is required to make contributions to Galano to offset Galano’s costs of operating the Clubhouse and/or while listed on the Galano meetings schedule for in person or virtual meetings , (currently equal to seventy-five percent (75%) of the net contributions made by those attending each Group meeting). The Group shall request and collect voluntary contributions from Group meeting attendees at each meeting either thru e-basket or physically. Galano shall provide envelopes for use by the Group to deposit 100% of all monies collected at each meeting into the safe located outside Room 3 on the first floor of the Clubhouse and/or a text to give code for e-basket donations. Each month, in arrears, Galano will count all of the Group’s cash and net e-basket contributions deposited into the safe, and deliver the Group balance via check to the treasurer of the Group. Any group that does not contribute to Galano for three (3) consecutive months via cash or e-basket will be considered defunct. As such, Galano will terminate its lease agreement with that group and remove the group from all meeting schedules.

Once a month, the funds are counted and group checks for 25% of net contributions are sent to the treasurer of group. Each group is responsible for keeping the group’s treasurer information current. Checks not cashed within 90 days become null and void and are forfeited.

Virtual Meetings

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with automatic yearly renewal

*Memberships are reoccurring until cancelled by the member.

Why become a Galano Supporting Member?

Play a vital part in continuing to keep the recovery doors open to more than 55 meetings per week!

Members who are in good standing shall be eligible to vote in the conduct of the club’s affairs, get clubhouse WiFi access, a key card for building access and free admission to all Galano social events.

By joining, you give to others what has been so freely given to you. Without members, our organization could not support this clubhouse, which is one of the very few clubhouses in the U.S. designed primarily to serve the LGBTQ community.  Join Today!