The Galano Club, Inc. supports the Greater Atlanta LGBTQ+ and friends' recovery community by providing a safe and welcoming meeting place for 12-Step fellowships.

Terms of Clubhouse Use for Events

Galano Club – Event terms of use agreement v 2.5 – updated 10/18/18

Before the facility can be used by any group, the sponsoring group must do the following:

Appear before the Galano Board to get approval by requesting the room(s), date, time, purpose, number of people and equipment needed

Agree to abide by all Galano room occupancy, safety, bylaw and House rules

If meetings will be moved or disrupted, contact the affected groups to make sure the groups are willing to be displaced, prior to coming to the board

Agree to the requirements below and signing this agreement

  1. Meet with the Buildings and Ground Chairperson prior to the event to review the use of the facility. At that time, the head of the event will be given a temporary lockbox combination to the facility set of keys. These are not to be removed from the property. They should be stored in the lockbox when not being used. The keys are color coded as to what doors they are for (Storage rooms & fire doors)
  2. All safety rules but be followed including no blockage of fire doors and a minimum hallway unobstructed width of 4 feet at all times.
  3. If permission granted to use the staging, make sure there is padding under each leg so as to not cut the flooring, Lift, do not drag on the floor as it will leave gouges and replace staging as found after event.
  4. NO curtains, drapes, decorations are to be hung from the electrical conduits.
  5. NO curtain, drapes, decorations are to be hung from any light fixture.
  6. Nothing can be attached to the ceiling panels or grid.
  7. All decorations and anything used to secure them are to be completely removed from the building at the end of the event.
  8. All rooms used must be left cleaned and ready for meetings to be held there the next morning.
  9. NO framed artwork or readings are to be moved, or taken down, anywhere in the clubhouse.
  10. The facility is to be left as clean as it was when the event was set up.
  11. NO nails or duct tape are to ever be used, Blue painters tape only in appropriate areas.
  12. Please insure that all furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) are returned to their correct areas.
  13. While preparing for an event please be respectful of any meetings which may be going on.
  14. All trash is to be placed in the dumpster.  DO NOT place ANY trash in front of the dumpster.
  15. NO open flames

Below is a checklist which should be completed at the end of the event:

  1. All rooms are ready for use by meetings the next morning
  2. All tables & chairs have been returned to their original locations
  3. All Trash is in the dumpster
  4. All decorations and attachments have been removed and have been discarded or returned to the upstairs storage room
  5. The stage has been returned to the corner of Room One
  6. All keys have returned to the lockbox and it is locked
  7. The Clubhouse has been cleaned
  8. A walk through of the facility done to insure no one is inside before locking up
  9. All doors are locked



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